lundi 28 septembre 2009

Passage Beaujolais

Un petit passage comme il en existe tant dans le quartier du Palais Royal.

Relie la rue de Beaujolais et la rue de Richelieu, dans le I°.

2 commentaires:

James a dit…

You've found my little passage! :)
I always stay in an apartment that is on the rue de Montpensier side of this passage. When I'm there I like to walk through the passage and get chocolate croissants at the little boulangerie-patisserie that is across the street from the passage on the rue de Richelieu side. I like your blog because it brings back memories of familiar places and it shows places that I don't know. You do a great job of showing the not so well known parts of this wonderful city to the world.

JPD a dit…

I'm glad if this blog can bring back memories!
I think that a city which is more than two thousand years old with more than ten millions inhabitants has more to offer than the Eiffel tower or the Champs-Elysées avenue... and everybody know them anyway...
I have no scorn for such places of course, but I prefer to keep out of the beaten tracks!

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